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Welcome! Here you’ll discover our best tips on modern homesteading, natural living, and a string of other handmade, homegrown projects. We’ll also sprinkle in a few thoughts about living well and consuming mindfully.

I became a sort of garden fanatic, and I am not over it yet. You can take a few seed peas, dry and dead, and sow them in a little furrow, and they will sprout into a row of pea vines and bear more peas—it may not be a miracle, but that is a matter of opinion.

–Wendell Berry

100+ Homesteading Skills

You don’t need land to get started on your homesteading journey. Grow a windowsill garden, make tinctures, sew a quilt, mend socks, & more…

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Natural Remedies

What better way to fight off seasonal allergies and ailments than homemade remedies? Over the counter treatments work like a band-aid, at best. Stay healthy and whole with our recipes for homemade fire cider and elderberry syrup.

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Hannah & Evelyn grew up on family farms. They lived in different places, but learned to love the same things. They now live in cities and are helping others learn to homestead and live naturally, precisely where they are at.

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Natural Beauty

Purify and simplify your beauty routine with easy DIY recipes.

Hydroponic Gardening

Start a micro-farm, no matter how little yard space you have.


Find ideas for DIY projects galore–home, garden, etc.

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